Caregiver in nursing home

Elder Nursing Home Care Shelby County, AL

Help for Seniors and People With Disabilities

Aging or living with a disability can be difficult. The team at M4A understands that, which is why they offer their services to the people of Shelby County, AL. They provide numerous types of help to individuals in need, making it easier to go about their lives and to enjoy a better quality of life. Those in need of aging and disability services can turn to M4A for help and find many resources available to them.

Help Available from M4A

Among the many resources available from M4A are those, such as home care assistance in Shelby County, AL. With home care assistance, a qualified individual comes directly to the client’s home and gives them any health or sanitation aids they need, while still allowing them to live in their home. However, nursing home care is also available to those who do need to move out of their homes. Other elder care services are also available to area residents. Those individuals suffering from dementia can find dementia help to meet their needs.

Other Ways M4A Can Help

M4A doesn’t just help with health concerns. More able-bodied individuals can find employment through the organization. Those seeking senior employment in Shelby County, AL, can find training and employers through M4A, and those seeking other financial help can find Medicare counseling. Any individual who would like more information about work, Medicare or any other issues they are concerned with are encouraged to contact us today.