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Our Story

Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging (M4A) is best known as the agency to contact for services to assist older adults in the middle of Alabama. What you may not know is, back in 2012, there was a national movement created to merge the aging and disability agencies together to better serve these populations. M4A continues its stellar reputation of serving older adults and individuals with disabilities- AND we have recently expanded our agency’s capacity to help consumers of any age access information, assistance, and resources – yes, any age!

This paradigm shift of helping consumers of any age created a need to develop our new identity in the minds of consumers, stakeholders, and the general public. We are excited that we have repositioned M4A – and stand by our new tagline “assisting all ages at all stages”. This is exactly what consumers can expect when they contact us for help.

M4A is honored and looks forward to assisting consumers of “all ages, at all stages” to receive the assistance they need as they need it and be empowered, live independently, and enjoy the highest quality of life.

Bringing the assist this season to our state’s older population

“For the older population in Alabama, information, resources, and care must be taken to ensure that their golden years are just that—golden. Bringing the assist this season to our state’s older population.

M4A specializes in serving older adults and individuals with disabilities. Not unlike the team of sports trainers, coaches, and staff prep the Tide’s or Tigers’ players for what’s to come with the gridiron, M4A prepares older individuals and their loved ones with all the tools necessary to best tackle the golden years with the utmost comfort.”

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